7 People, 21 Bags and a Cat


Organization (noun): The act or process of organizing; The state or manner of being organized


My Mom is the wise one, she makes lists and labels things.  She knows were to find stuff and were she put things.  Her suitcase is organized; she will know exactly were to go if she needs anything inside.

Me, not so much.  Try my best to keep the same kids clothes together.  Try my best to keep the kitchen stuff together, but in the end, inevitably, most things will likely end up out of place, and all over the place; jammed in crevices, and totally mixed up.  That part of my brain that wants to be organized and pack correctly is always beat out by that other part; that part that wants to hurry up and get it done quickly and not forget anything; that part that is telling me through the entire packing experience, not to worry, I will sort it out later, it’s all going to the same place anyhow.  In my own defense, I have to acknowledge that I am packing for 6, my 5 kids and myself.  I have a lot to remember.  I am also packing all of my business paperwork and the cat.

Probably wondering how the hell we could possibly fill 21 bags. So easy.  And if I had more space, I could fill that to.  Clothing was the LEAST thing that we packed.  Figured I would take them shopping for summer stuff when we arrive in Mobile.  These are some of the things that we couldn’t live without:

  • pots and pans
  • kitchen utensils
  • printer
  • 3 Wii’s
  • board games
  • basketball
  • football
  • 3 baseball gloves, bat and baseball
  • 5 laptops
  • 2 blankets
  • electric tea kettle


We have a lot of luggage, including 7 checked bags, 7 carry-on bags, and 7 personal items (backpacks).  My Mom, being the smarticus that she is, had the brilliant disposable suitcase idea.  We had to maximize the space, as to avoid tons and tons of shopping when we arrive.  We have enough to purchase as is, the more we bring the better.

The plan is to leave early tomorrow.  My Mom and I will go to the airport while the kids are in school and drop all of the checked bags, then return back to my Mom’s.  When my kids get out of school, I will drop everyone to the airport with the 14 carry-on bags.  Then I will go back home and drop off my pick-up truck and get a ride back to the airport.  My kids are out of school at 2:30 and we have a 6 flight, plus we need time for dinner at the airport before we depart, so there isn’t much room for error.  The good news is that the airport is only 15 minutes from my Mom’s house, of course, that’s if the traffic cooperates.  We will be heading in the opposite direction of rush hour, so we should be ok.  “But GG, why don’t you just keep your kids out of school on tomorrow?”  I wish I could, but Monday is the end of the year class trip to the beach.  They have been looking forward to it all year, so I can’t disappoint them.

My only concern besides a smooth trip to the airport is the rental car when we arrive in new Orleans.  I reserved a mini-van that we will take to Mobile.  With all this luggage and bodies, we absolutely won’t fit in anything smaller, and even this van will be pushing it (good thing some of it is disposable)  If we don’t get the van that I reserved, we’re screwed; stuck in New Orleans until we can get one.  But, I’m going to think positive and all should be a smooth transition.

I’m pretty much all packed up and ready to go.  I’ve checked almost all of the items off of my To-Do List.  I even made a homemade  weather-guard for Harley’s automatic cat feeder.  We decided to leave him here for the summer.  He is an outdoor cat, who does not appreciate being brought indoors and would be too difficult to manage in the hotel and at the airport.  I have a couple of friends that are going to keep an eye on him and monitor his food and water, so he will be fine while we are away.


Wish us luck!  We are outta here Monday and should be in our new home Tuesday.


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  1. I muss you guys already!!! Cant wait to meet you guys next week. Have fun and be safe. Luv you!!!