A Trapezoid Is Not Square


This time it was not my fault. I wouldn’t mind, but when a company sends 2 different guys out to do a template, 2 different ways, you would expect that they would get it right…right?  Nope, not the case. Not only did they seam my countertop in the wrong place making it to wide to fit into the galley (kitchen), but they cut my head (bathroom) countertop as though it was a rectangle, when their measurements should have clearly indicated a trapezoid.  There are very few right angles on this boat.



I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here folks. Lots of boat owners install Corian in their boats for the same reason that I decided to go with the material; it’s light.  This company has done boats in the past. I am not the first.  They are a reputable company that does all of the Corian fabrications for Lowes and Home Depot.  Not sure how they managed to screw up my order so bad, especially after having a laser template and a traditional constructed template, but they did.

The countertop that was too wide to fit in the galley.

The countertop that was too wide to fit in the galley.

On a brighter note, I had the cabinets refaced and I really like the way that they turned out. I went back and forth with wether to keep the old cabinets or get new ones, but honestly I have never seen more well-built, sturdy, hardy, solid cabinets in my life. I couldn’t see any point of removing such a strong product to replace with something of less quality.  So I gave them a facelift.





I made a couple of modifications, like discontinuing the dishwasher under the electric range.  I moved it to the opposite wall.  I also moved the microwave to over the range and bought a traditional double oven stove to replace the wall oven.  I brought the cabinet that is over the fridge out further to be flush with the fridge paneling and opened up the inside so it goes all the way back.  (You Hatteras folks should know what I mean) I don’t know why Hatteras closed  that off. I’m guessing because it’s not within easy reach, but I don’t mind standing on a chair.  That’s more good space, and you can never have enough storage on a boat.  I am not totally happy with the new fridge, but it’s good enough and at least I don’t have to worry about it randomly thawing my frozens.

DSC_0254 DSC_0260

Removing the old countertops was no easy task. Plywood is screwed down and glued and then 3 layers of a thin stone like laminate was installed over.  The countertops were originally installed under the back wall, so we had to cut along the wall before removal.  We ended up sawzalling the countertops and removing them in pieces.

Once you begin to open stuff up on a boat, it’s like a can of worms, all kinds of hidden things pop up. I discovered that there is a vinyl-like bag under the galley counter that supplies air to the salon. The bag was completely disgusting; coated with years of dust and mildew.  This was the perfect opportunity, while the countertop was off to replace the bag, not to mention it got damaged during the countertop demo.  I had to take a trip to a marine canvas shop to purchase a new piece of vinyl so my Mom can make a new bag.  Lucky for me, she’s a seamstress by trade.

mom sew

DSC_0266 DSC_0267


My carpenter has begun the lower level flooring. I decided to go with a vinyl plank flooring because it’s light, durable and waterproof. I also installed a moisture barrier underneath to protect the subfloor.

I took the opportunity while the countertops are off to have shut-off valves installed.  I’m not sure why boats don’t have shut-off valves, but in my opinion they are very important.  Especially in an emergency.


I still have lots to do like finish the flooring, the valances and curtains throughout the boat, re-upolster the galley dinette, new wall coverings and the heads still need to be finished.  But so far, except the countertop goof, things are going well.

DSC_0191 DSC_0192 DSC_0200 DSC_0210 DSC_0220


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A Trapezoid Is Not Square — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, you’re not messing around. Is that a p-lam or wood veneer that you refaced with?
    New countertops are on my list as well. Are you adding a fiddle, or going without?

    • Hey Dale,
      The countertops did not have a fiddle before my refit. I generally keep my counters clear anyhow as I despise clutter. I am installing an appliance garage so that I will have another place to jamn stuff when we are underway, plus I hate toasters on counters . So, no, I went without. They call it thermafoil , which to me, is just a fancy way to say laminate.

  2. We had the same problem with our counter tops. It took 4 times before they got it right. Each time, we had to explain what was wrong. We initially took in a drawing. The counter top salesman, redrew the drawing. His drawing was and exact replication of our drawing. The best part of the ordeal was, they took %50 off for our inconvenience. Hopefully, it will not take that many times for you. We hope you all are not staying aboard during the mess. Your choice for flooring interesting. We will be interested in hearing how it holds up.

    • Oh wow! 4 times! That’s insane. I don’t think I would have the patience to stay calm if it took that many tries. But 50% off, that’s a nice chunk of change.
      I’ll think I’ll be ok with the vinyl. I really liked the teak/holly from plasteak, but at 8 bux a square, I’m all set. This ran me 2 bux, and it’s much thicker. I’ll keep you posted on that.

      • The 50% discount was a nice surprise. The customer service staff really appreciated that we were calm. But it was very hard to be calm. I guess it pays to be pleasant.

  3. Looks great- can’t wait to see ‘after’, because ‘midway’ is already pretty cool. it’s nice! We’re about to tackle our galley. It’s intimidating and I worry that I’m making the right choices…we’ll see! Demo begins soon.

    • Thanks Behan! Believe me, it wasn’t easy. There are surprises and challenges with just about every aspect of the refit. Some things I just had to let go, like some of my draws don’t open without opening the oven doors. But, I have come to learn that with boats sometimes you have to get creative and live with some things, as I’m sure you already know :). Good Luck with it. I hope that you post pics because I would love to see.