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We got our National Parks and Federal Lands Pass!  Well…my Mom got it.  The senior lifetime pass is 10 bucks, but really it’s 20 because they also charge a $10 document processing fee.  This fee is going to increase by the end of the year.  It’s going to 80 bucks so we wanted to get it before that happened.  The pass provides free access to over 2,000 federally run recreation sites across the country.  This includes BML land and national forests.  Besides free entrances fees, it’s great for RVers as it gives a discount on camping, swimming, boat launching and tours. It covers the entrance fee for everyone in the vehicle, not just the owner of the pass.  We got ours (my Mom’s) from Cabrilllo National Monument.


After we got our pass, we took a stroll on the the Bayside Trail.  It was a beautiful hike with outstanding views.





My little guy got a kick out of chasing lizards all over the trail.



There was even an opportunity for a bit of rock climbing along the way.




Be warned though… after hiking the canyon DOWNHILL for a mile, you have to turn around and take the same trail back UPHILL for a mile.  We didn’t realize this when we started the hike.



Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

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