Blog of the Week 7/28/13-8/3/13


This week’s Blog of the Week is Sailing Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Teresa Carey does a great job at providing an abundance of useful information for new and seasoned sailors and cruisers. In Rigging Simplicity & The Con of Leading Lines Aft, Ben discusses the fine points of line handling on a sailboat and why he doesn’t like leading lines aft.


These posts are also very informative:

Best Features of a Blue Water Boat Part I

Best Features of an Offshore Boat – Part II – The Interior

Telltale Signs of a Boat Not to Buy!


This post is REAL, un-glorified and tells it like it is for some liveaboards:

Money! Money! Money! Mon-ay!


Here is a video from Kirsten from Fair Companies


About The Author

“Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness, began in 2008 when Teresa gave up a job, home, many things, and a whole lot of stability for the unstable plan to chase her dreams. In the following two years she lived aboard a small 27 foot sailboat named Daphne with only her cat Dory for company. Its not a house, but it was home, its not a car, but she traveled a blue road. For two years she sailed, explored, and discovered what simple living meant to her and shared it all on this blog. Writing helped her. Blog readers inspired her. Now, as she plans for her next big voyage, Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness must give back to the readers. Our goal is to share meaningful thoughts on simple living, to help sailors with life aboard, and to inspire others to chase their own creative dream through honest and uplifting writing.”


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