Boat Shopping

I have been scouring for months trying to find the “perfect” boat.  These are the sights that I have used:


There are many boats to choose from.  It gets very confusing; especially when you need accommodations for 5 kids, plus adults.  Trying to sort through what’s important, and what isn’t, is difficult.  This boat will be home, not just for vacationing, so we have to get it right.  The goal is to become international cruisers.  That in itself brings a whole slew of requirements.  Comfort, safety, range, efficiency and maintenance are all considerations.


Folks have advised to walk on as many boats as you can.  Get a feel for the different styles.  I had no intention of doing that.  I figured why waste the time, unless I believe that the boat could be the “one”.  This morning I had a revelation.  One of my kids refused to taste the sweet mango slices that I had just cut.   While listening to myself tell him to” Try it, because how will you know that you don’t like it, if you don’t try it?”,  I suddenly realized that I was being foolish.


How do I really know that I don’t like Chris Craft; or that Nordhaven will be too cramped, when I had never stepped on one.  I was being silly.

I immediately jumped on Yachtworld and began my search.

I came up with a few boats in my area.


70′ Broward   $298,000



60′ Chris- Craft  180,000



80′ 1985 Hatteras $649,000–1556301/Portsmouth/NH/United-States





This boat is probably waaaayyyyy out of my league.  It is 90 FEET!!!!!  Holy Crap, it’s AMAZING!!!!!.  Plus, it has sails.  This is a MUST see.  Wow, the interior wood is beautiful.  It has the perfect amount of cabins.  Plenty of space.  Ocean-Crossing. 6000 nm range.  Only drawback;  I wouldn’t be able to move an inch without crew…Booooo….

Can’t wait to see her.

90′ North Sea Expedition Trawler—12-Pack%2C-Jones-Act-Exempt%2C-All-US-Waters-2611404/Belfast-/ME/United-States




I have e-mailed the brokers of these boats to set up showings.  Let the shopping begin.



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