Breaking down STINX!!! (Ford Excursion)


Especially when you are 95 miles from home, and stupid enough not to have the Premium AAA plan.  “How much will that tow be?”   $400!!!!…URGGGG.  I opted for the free tow.  3 miles to the dealership…YIKES!

Against my better judgement my Excursion was towed to Ford.  Want a recipe for a mechanical nightmare?  Start with a female, mix in a tow to a dealership and top with out-of-town-plates.

My truck goes in with a junk starter, that’s it, a simple junk starter.  But… nothing simple could 100_3915 ever survive at the dealership.  Mike from customer service calls to inform me that there is fluid all over their parking lot.  “Sorry mam, in addition to your starter needing to be replaced your power steering lines and power steering pump are also leaking.”  A grand total of $1200!!!  My blood pressure shot to the moon and my ears where spewing steam.  “CHANGE THE STARTER ON MY TRUCK, AND – THAT’S IT!!!” I roared.  He then told me that not only will I not have power steering, but that my power breaks would not work either. (Your probably saying to yourself, what does power steering have to do with the breaks?)  The answer would be ….NOTHING!!!!  Why would a Ford dealership tell me that my breaks won’t work if I don’t spend 900 bucks to repair my power steering?   Well, ladies and gentleman, this is what you call the Art of Scare Tactic.

A few hours later, I was at the dealer to pick up my truck.  I couldn’t resist making a bit of scene in letting them know, that I knew, that they had tampered with my power steering parts, and then, tried to sell me hot garbage on a plate about my breaks not working.  I left with my truck.


The ride home was nerve-wracking.  Every turn to get to the highway was a 4 -point turn.  My uncle had to jump out of the truck and stop traffic at corners so that I would have enough room to clear; only being able to make wide, stiff turns.  By the time I got back to Boston, my hands were red and blistered, and my arms were exhausted.

My mechanic in Boston repaired my power steering lines… and… turns out that contrary to what the dealer told me, the power steering pump was not leaking.

150 bucks.  Parts and labor 🙂


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