FBA or Bust!


We have shipped roughly 150 packages totaling about 3000lbs to Amazon this week. Yikes!!!


I mentioned a while ago that we had started selling items on Ebay and Amazon.  It started more as a hobby to keep busy… kind of like a test.  I was actually reluctant at first to get involved, just because I already have enough on my plate.  Plus, I didn’t really view it as a “business” in the beginning.  I should have known better.  I have very strong personality type when it comes to business.  I can be very driven, motivated and highly competitive.  When I get involved in a task, I tend to get explosive.  Wanting to be the best.  That’s more or less what happened with the “hobby”. It started with a few Mexican handmade blankets on Etsy.  We were quickly ejected from Etsy because they have the most incredibly asinine business model.  They basically shut down all of their top producing sellers. What a great way to grow revenue.  At any rate, leaving Etsy, although painful at first, turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise.  Within a week we were set up on Ebay and Amazon.  They have both since grown and done well.  We quickly began to realize with impending plans to travel, we would have to shut the online sales business down sooner or later.  Until it occurred to us that we could let Amazon fill our orders and drop ship our products from the supplier to FBA.  Then we can continue to operate our business from the RV.  Problem solved.  Now that the “countdown” has begun, we have diligently been working toward getting all of our inventory over to FBA.  We know that 24 months flies by, just as the last 2 years has gone so quick. No time to waste.



The transition to FBA has turned out to be more of a relief than I had realized.  We had to move from our first rental because the garage wasn’t large enough to hold all of the inventory.  The garage at this place where we are now is quickly shrinking and it won’t be long before we would have filled this one up too.




The garage was starting to get chaotic. Blankets, hoodies, leather everywhere. We set up shelves to try and keep it organized.

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    • Hey Sylvie!
      I have had a few others contact me about details as well. Soon I will do another and explain as best I can. I had no idea that this would be of interest to anyone or I would have elaborated. Stay tuned… 🙂