Hatteras Motoryacht Refit Update

I know that I haven’t posted for a while.  I have been very busy, and I didn’t want to do another post until certain projects were completely complete, which they aren’t quite, but I felt bad that several of you had to e-mail me to see what was going, so here it is.


I’m psyched to have my furniture aboard.  My kids say that now it “feels like home”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I also love the way the hardwood floors look in the salon.  I went with Brazilian Koa.  It compliments the teak walls nicely.  The only thing that kills the room is the wall valances and cornice boards and the grimy old 80’s wall light fixtures.  This project is next on the list.  My Mom and I are going to tackle it ourselves.  It will be interesting.


I dumped the old dining room table and went with a table half the size.  I think it works much better in the space.  Gaege has plenty of room to play on the floor and I am happy that I can walk around the table.  It does have a leaf so I could make it larger if needed, but we managed to make it through the holidays with lots of family visiting without having to add the leaf.

DSC_0005 The galley came together.  This is the wall that has a completed backsplash.  I went with a stainless peel-and-stick because I didn’t want to deal with removing the old formica.


I had an appliance garage custom fabricated by the cabinet people.  I wanted to utilize the dead corner space.  I had the garage made with 2 doors, so that it can be opened from both sides.  It makes great spice storage and I’m glad that I did it.


DSC_0037 DSC_0053 DSC_0054   DSC_0036

This is where I have to finish the backsplash.  I also need to complete the refrigerator trim. DSC_0039

I couldn’t wait to have the ugly green dinette cushions re-upholstered.  I called about 4 upholstery companies.  3 of them said that they do not do on-sight work.  My dinette is not removable.  The 4th company said that they would come to the boat, but not only would I have to wait 8 weeks to have the job done, but the price was ridiculous.  I was really happy when I discovered Morency Marine Upholstery.  Patrick came out 3 days after I spoke to him, all the way from the Cape.  He had the job done in 2 weekends.  I was delighted that he charged me 1/3 of the other guy and had it done so quickly.  I chose a neutral, easy to clean vinyl, that plays off my cream leather sectional.  I was very happy to have that job done and it came out very nice.

DSC_0284 DSC_0286 DSC_0288 DSC_0290 DSC_0293

I bought this awesome nautical fabric and my Mom made curtains for the galley.  I ditched the blinds.  They were filthy and the clanking while underway is annoying.  I love the new curtains.  They’re super whimsical. DSC_0029 DSC_0055 The formica dinette table was removed and replaced with Corian.   I had them fabricate with a no-drip edging to keep that spilled milk off the floor. DSC_0033 Countertops were also changed to Corian. DSC_0034 My kids had their first boat Christmas. gaege xmas 2 These nasty valances are the next project.  Can’t wait to post finish photos.


Stay tuned… DSC_0056

What do you think of the refit so far?  Love your feedback.  Leave a comment and your 2 cents!!!


Hatteras Motoryacht Refit Update — 12 Comments

  1. Looks great! Congratulations. Can’t wait for the open house when you are “done” :))

  2. You have done a great job!!!!! It’s been a long time form asking questions from others to the near final re-do. Keep up the good work and enjoy.—-CRA

  3. WOW! Looks great! A lot of progress in such a little bit of time. I know you wanted it done yesterday, but when the counter tops are not constructed the way they should have been you begin to wonder.

    • Thank you. Yes, I’ll admit, I am not the most patient person, especially when it comes to renovations. I do like to hurry up and get things done. Times a wastin’ 🙂

  4. Galaxy, The interior looks great! Really like the galley cabinets. We been wondering how things were going for you, thanks for posting.