House For Sale (Kids NOT included)


We have this fantastically exciting plan to sell the house, buy a boat, and GO CRUISING!  The first step, ditch the house.  Our home is currently on the market for sale.  It has been, for over a month now, and I have to tell you, it isn’t easy.

I often refer to myself as a real estate junkie.  Which means that I have bought and sold quite a few properties in my day, both investment property and primary residences for my family and I.  Been around the block a few times as far as loading and unloading real estate.  This sale has definitely been one of the most difficult.  It’s the wait.  Waiting sucks.  BAD.  Being patient is hard, especially when you have something spectacular that you’re waiting for.  Life changing, really.   Like having this wretched boss that you despise, and co-workers that you want to strangle, and knowing that you are quitting your job soon.  Those last 2 weeks are brutal.  Or being at the very end of a rough pregnancy. When you just want the baby to, “hurry up and come out, already”.  We just want the house to, “hurry up and sell, already”.

It’s challenging selling a house that is loaded with kids.  Besides all of the things that I had to do to prepare the house for sale, before it even hit cleaning the market, which was arduous in itself, the maintenance is just as bad.  It takes me 6 hours to clean the house to model condition, before every showing.  The very moment that I clean a bath, and go to the next, the kids are right behind me, messing it up.  As I put toys away, other toys are scattered about.  I also have to make sure the grass is perfectly manicured, and keep all the new shrubs and planting watered daily so that they look their best.  The brokers usually give half a days notice, so it’s a mad-dash marathon clean, trying to get it all done.  It takes right up to the appointment time to finish, and I am usually breaking a sweat, as I run out the back door, while the broker and buyers walk through the front.  For the past month I have been trapped in a whirlwind; dirty, clean, show, dirty, clean, show, dirty, clean, show….

100_3441 There is even work to be done after the showing.  I have certain “staging” items throughout the house.  New bedware, 100_3443 pillows on the coaches, dining set-up and rental furniture.  These items all have to be preserved in new condition.  Before the showing everything has to be set set up.  Immediately following the showing I have to remove all of the new bed-ware and replace it back with the old stuff, remove pillows from the sofas, put certain accent pieces away for safe keeping, and cover the rental furniture with blankets, so that my kids won’t destroy them.  It isn’t easy.

We had hoped to get the house sold by the end of Spring, in order to be ready to purchase the boat, have the summer to have it transported home, complete any refit neededed for winter life aboard, and get the boat all set up at our slip, and new home.  This would also have allowed time for the kids to acclimate to living on a boat before they go back to school, and give me time to get to know the systems and how they operate.

Unfortunately, the sale won’t happen in time for us to get situated before winter, which is always the way, isn’t it?  Things almost never go as planned.  We will need to re-evaluate our timing later, figuring, no point in dwelling on it until the house is gone, and we locate and purchase the boat.  The wait is painful.  We are are eager to get on with step 2, and get our new life in motion.  Tomorrow is another day, and, with that, brings hope to get this house under agreement, then sold. Fingers crossed…

life is what happens


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