How to Choose the Right Boat?

This is a topic that has had some very heated debate over the last few months on the Cruisers forum, of which I am a member. “GalaxyGirl” is my user-name.   This is the thread  that has been so controversial. It started as a very innocent question in which I was inquiring about how to choose the right boat.  It has since blossomed. It can be intense and at times, emotionally charged both by supporters and naysayers,  having received over 22,000 page views and over 450 replies, and counting.  I sometimes have to ignore the thread and step away for a moment as not to add too much fuel to the fire when defending myself against personal attacks.  For some reason choosing the right boat is a “hot button” topic.

Here is the original post that got everyone going.

I’ve been in the real estate investment business for over 13 years and I’ve
NEVER had as much confusion buying a house
as I am having with choosing a potential boat. I’m very frustrated at this
point. There are so many variables and maybe too many choices. One discovery
leads to more research which
then leads to another discovery and I feel like I could spend another 3 years on
without ever having viewed a damn thing. I wish that I had the luxury of buying small amd
upgrading with experience to learn my real needs, but I just don’t. The reality
is that I need to purchase a
boat as a liveaboard
at a marina for a while and I have 5 kids. I do have a
small condo that we will also use, but neither full time. I don’t want to choose
the wrong boat, but there are just so many variables.
I can’t even figure
out what I should be looking at. I have been at this since the summer. Every
time I narrow it down somewhat, I realize that I have missed something or wrong
about something. I must be doing something wrong here. There has to be a better
way to figure this out. Maybe I need the assistance of a yacht broker. I have
spoken to a few, but it seems that they just push what they are trying to sell,
not necessarily what I need.
I know that I am going to do this come hell or
high water, even if it
means purchasing
the wrong boat, but it sure would be nice to get the right one. We are so
excited about the lifestyle and I am eager to sell my house to achieve it, but I
don’t want to do that until I have found the boat.
The forums bring
both support and naysay, but mostly a bunch of different opinion, which is
great. That’s what I need, but sometimes, that too brings more confusion, when
one person says yes you can, while the other is saying your nuts.
upgrading with time, has anyone been in a similar situation starting with no
experience. How did you decide?

Now, there are many folks who discuss choosing a boat every day on boating forums with no problem.  I’m not sure why my thread was so controversial.  Maybe because I have 5 kids who will be living aboard???

But, the ultimate question is how does one choose the right boat?

To be continued…

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