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There aren’t very many times in my life, thus far, that I have been able to say that I really didn’t know what I wanted.  Generally, I’m a fairly focused type.  I do some research and figure out pretty quickly what’s for me.  Even when I was shopping for the boat, I sorted out relatively fast which boat I wanted.  Not the case at all with this RV plan.  I thought I had decided on a particular model, the Durango Gold M-G382MBQ, because it has a bunk room for the kids, a loft for my Mom and what really sold me is the rear deck off of the living area.

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The problem is, this fifth wheel is really large.  We won’t fit into many RV parks.  I could be fine with not being able to get in everywhere, like boats, that’s what you’re buying into.  It’s all trade-offs.  You have to decide what’s most important because you can’t have it all.  Although, my Mom really doesn’t want us to be locked out of some National Forests and oceanfront campgrounds because we are too big.  We have really been on the fence with whether to go for the comfortable living or the size convenience.  I could also be fine with getting an older/ smaller/cheaper RV, doing some light renovation and being able to sell more easily if/when I decide to change direction again.  At this point, I’m not sure what we will choose.  It’s a good thing I have a few months to decide, because if I had to buy something right now I’m not sure what I would get.  We thought it might be best to look around at some more RV’s, so maybe we can get better clarity on which way to go with this.  So off we go, checking out more fifth wheels and travel trailers in smaller sizes and with different layouts.


. DSC_1334

My Mom is trying to see if her bunk area has a window.




My lil’ man loved this table in his bunk room.





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Indecisive… — 2 Comments

  1. Most private RV parks have no size restrictions, but as you mentioned a lot of the national and state parks do have size limits. In these parks the size limits are less length for trailers vs 5th wheels due to the fact a 5th wheel is more able to back into tight areas. Family camping is a lot of fun, I was raised camping in tents and trailer and tent. A possible trade off is a smaller 5th wheel toy hauler and tent. In bad weather room could be had for all in the garage part of the 5th wheel toy hauler for sleeping. Used smaller 5th wheels are a fraction of the price of a new 40′ luxury 5th wheel which was the last RV that I owned. I never got turned away for my size, though I didn’t go to any national parks during that time. Will it still be 7 for these trips? If it is 6 then a crew cab truck could seat the gang. If 7 or more, maybe two vehicles?

    • Hey Bob!
      This has been a real back and forth battle. I sometimes feel like every other week I am changing my mind. At the moment, we are thinking of going in a totally different direction with the size issue, putting even more emphasis on location flexibility rather than comfort. I’ll write about that very soon. I’m hoping that my kids will be off in college soon. Not that I don’t want them traveling with me, but I want them to get their education and pursue their path. My 7 year old will be with me and likely one of my teen twins. My Mom will be taking the journey also. So, I am planning to accommodate 4 including myself, with, as you suggest tents for visiting kids.