Let the Planning Begin!




Well folks, I have given the boat/rv decision a lot of thought and I… THINK…I am going to go with the rv for now.  The biggest factors in this decision were:

  1. Maintenance – I have heard that rv’s will require less maintenance than a boat
  2. Ease of use – I won’t need a captain.  The learning curve to drive the thing is much easier than a boat.
  3. Cost – The acquisition cost is much less and the living expenses can be much less.
  4. Accessibility – I can travel to more places with an rv, as opposed to being” water locked”

With this decision the only real con, and it is a biggie, is that I really LOVE being on the water.  But, it’s ok.  I can park my rv on the water 😉  So, the new plan is to take the next 24 months or so and figure out all the stuff that I need to figure out in regards to used or new rv, what kind of truck I’ll need, so on and so forth.  Then, make my moves (purchases).  My older kids will be out of HS and on to college (hopefully) soon and I should be ready to roll then.  I do plan to full-time rv and I do plan to be on the move.

So friends… let the planning/learning/shopping begin!  This ought to be interesting.  If any of you out there have any experience with rving, and would like to give words of advice, please do share.  One thing I know is that when I was buying my boat I got a lot of good advice from a lot of different people.  Likely saved me from making some dumb learning curve mistakes.  So I am always very open and appreciative when I receive knowledge from those who are doing what I am planning.  So, don’t be shy 🙂


(maybe I should change my blog name….hmmmm)



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What do you think of my decision?  Love your feedback.  Leave a comment and your 2 cents.


Let the Planning Begin! — 8 Comments

  1. I guess you’ll have to rename the blog “5 Kids and a Bus!” All the best in your search and future adventures.

  2. The RV vacations bring up a lot of fond memories of my childhood in Southern California. The beach and Fallen Leaf Lake in the summer, the desert for Thanksgiving, skiing at Mammoth, and the traveling vacations. We started tent camping in the early 50’s, then still with the tent but also a home-built tear drop trailer. By the early 60’s a regular travel trailer made by Shasta.

    As an adult I have had travel trailers, then a motorhome, and my last RV was a 5th wheel with triple slides, real luxury on the road. If I was a young adult with kids I would probably go with the toy hauler type of 5th wheel. In good weather the kids could pitch a tent, but if the weather turns, bunks for 8 in the garage section of the toy hauler type 5th wheel. Not to mention the ability to bring along the motorized toys (ATV, dirt bikes, snowmobiles) as the name implies.

    Good luck and have fun.

    • Hey Bob!
      Yes, childhood camping memories are nostalgic. I also LOVED camping as a kid, funny and ironically now, I hate camping. My kids have asked me to take them through the years, but I have never once. But, I do LOVE traveling so hopefully all the rv parks won’t be in the woods 😉 I have considered a toy hauler and I’m still kind of considering one. They have a lot to offer, but I’m not a big fan of the way that they lay out the living area in those. Also, 44′ is a monster.

  3. We’ve done both – from an 18′ Skylark camper when the kids were little through a 40 foot bus conversion when the kids were grown with 5th wheels in between. For a while we had a bus and a boat – talk about maintenance cost – I could tell you tales. I don’t know that either is better or worse – just different. Maybe the RV is a little safer because a maintenance or repair disaster won’t (usually) kill you. You can roll to a stop on I-10 and call a wrecker but maybe not so easy on the water.

    You’re looking at some really big 5th wheels. Make sure you understand the licensing and insurance implications which in your country may vary by state. You can’t just back any old pickup under trailers that size – at least not if you want to be legal and safe. RV mecca is pretty close to you – Quartzsite Arizona which is between L.A. and Phoenix. Make sure you spend some time there before you even start to get serious. You want to get there between Christmas and Valentines Day – the rest of the year its just a wide spot in the road.

    • Hey Bob!
      Sound like you’ve had quite the run. Thanks for the good advice. You know me, I’m doing my homework. I’m going to purchase a truck to pull the beast. Leaning toward a dually for safety. You’re right it will be a big fifth wheel. And to be quite honest I am smitten with the idea having a small manageable easy to park rv, but I am just not one of those people that can easily give up certain comforts of home. I don’t want anyone sleeping on the dinette or having to turn the sofa into a bed every night. The good news is, life is fluid and I can always sell the thing and go smaller (or larger) if need be 🙂 I’ll check out the RV Mecca. Sounds like fun!

  4. I’m sorry to hear you are giving up on the boat venture.
    Well we are still doing it, but we only have two cats with us. Big difference.
    No we are getting the windshield replaced. My husband has to do all the sanding himself, marina does not help with hardly anything. Oh well!
    Good luck on the RV venture.

    • Hey Katrina!
      Not really giving up on it, just going to do something else at the moment. But, things are always subject to change. I must agree that boats are lots of work. Always have a to-do-list. I’m hoping that the rv will be a bit less maintenance.