Offer Accepted!!!

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Holy Crap!!!

I have waited a long time to write this post.

After a year of confusion, research, learning, boat choices, big decisions, and a house sale, I am FINALLY here.  I made my offer on our perfect (for now) boat a month ago.  The seller and I have been going back and forth with the negotiation since then.  I had even walked away at one point and made an offer on a different boat.  This was my first choice so I am delighted that it has come together.  The only thing between me and my boat now is the inspections.  I really need to be sure that I get really good inspectors, because I don't want any surprises down the road.  Hoping to go to survey next week.  This is so real now!!! So exciting, and so much left to do. 


Let the games begin…


The next chapter has officially begun…


Wish me luck…





Offer Accepted!!! — 6 Comments

  1. Great news, her,s hoping that all surveys go well.

    looking forward to your next post



    • Thanks Jesse, the survey went well. I am not “officially” revealing the boat yet, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess. As soon as we take possession I will post the details and lots of photos. We are very excited.