Old Pastime, New Pastime – Hiking!

I haven’t really been hiking since I was a kid and I loved it then.  Not really sure why it hasn’t occurred to me to hike all these years.  Even when my kids were little, I don’t think that I ever once took them hiking the Blue Hills, where my Mom frequently took me as a kid. I certainly did take them on plenty of long walks.  When I think of hiking now, I think of extreme sporters in very remote areas, with zero cell reception, dangling from the side of a cliff.  But, my interest in hiking has suddenly been revived.  Not exactly sure why….I guess because I am finding myself wanting more than day after day of the beach.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a real beach bum and always will be, but I would like to see and try some new stuff that isn’t necessarily coastal.  After all, I know that soon we will be traveling and I will be away from my beloved ocean.  I want satisfaction from Mother Nature in ways other than salty feet.

hike 1

The other day I was talking to someone that I have recently met.  She was telling me that she and her husband had taken their kids hiking and how much fun they had.  All of my childhood memories came rushing back; twigs snapping below my feet, toads, boulder navigating.  I love hiking!  I went home and researched trails in my area and that same weekend, this past weekend, we were out.  Out hiking!

  hike 2 hike 3 hike 5

hike 6

Look familiar?  Where am I?  Let’s see if you can guess?

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