Passed the Test…Yaaaayyyy!!!!

100_4342  My Mom (Meme) and I took the Power Squadron Boating Course on Saturday and passed the test with flying colors.  We had to drive 5 hours round trip to Moultonborough, NH, but it was well worth the drive.  We learned a LOT.  There is no requirement in Massachusetts, but some states, such as New Hampshire require this certificate to boat.  The certificate will also work to my advantage with the insurance company when I insure the boat.  I can scratch this of my list, with many more courses to come.


After scouring the internet for over an hour for a  cheap flight to Florida; we are booked.  Heading out this Wednesday.  I located a surveyor who will meet us at the boat.  He will do a preliminary assessment.   We figured that it would be money well spent to have an expert look it over before making an offer, especially since neither Meme nor myself know anything about boats.  The initial assessment will also be a guide as to how much to offer.  If we come to an agreement with the seller on price, then I will have to get a full survey, including an engine inspection.

We have a couple other boats to view while we are in Florida, but we will not bring the surveyor for those. One of them should be a very nice Cheoy Lee.  It will be good to look at, just in case, but it is really the other boat that I want.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.

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