Price is FIRM!


Guys, when the heck did car dealers stop negotiating?  I must have missed that memo.  I guess that’s what happens when you hold on to the same sh*tbox trucks for years.  You end up out of the loop.  The last time I bought a truck was 2009 when I bought the Excursion.  At some point after that these dealers must have decided that the public is too savvy and knowledgeable with access to online information easily available.  They don’t negotiate anymore.  This really bites for a real estate junkie like me, who takes pride in getting a raw deal.  What fun is it when you can’t walk away feeling like you have conquered and destroyed, knocking them down 10, 15, 25%.

I have walked out of 2 dealerships this week in an attempt at getting them to drop the price even $100 bucks.  After all, you have to be willing to walk away, right?  I hate to say that even that tactic no longer works.  I did manage to get one dealer down 9 grand off a new f350, but I still didn’t buy it because it wasn’t the trim package that I want.  Sure, you can likely still negotiate on a model that is plentiful, but still, even those deals are few and far between.

I hate to report that I might have to pay full price (insert long exaggerated gasp here) for the truck that I want.  It feels so wrong and weird just typing these words. But unless I want to continue to walk away empty handed, this may be the harsh reality of the situation.  I have to get this truck purchase done so that I can move onto the other million things on my To-Do list before we launch in June.

I’m hoping my next blog post will have pics of the new tow vehicle.  Stay tuned…


How do you feel about negotiating the price of a car?  Leave a comment and your 2 cents!

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