Road Trip



The survey for the potential purchase is scheduled for the end of the week. Being that it is my kids' school vacation week, we decided to pack everyone up and take the drive down South for the survey. I kid you not, 2 hours into the drive the truck broke down. I don't know why my damn Excursion always waits until we are out of town to break down, but I do know that as soon as we return to Boston this truck will be on Craigslist. After sitting in Firestone for 4 hours, we were back on track.



The Easter Bunny found us at the hotel on Easter and we spent the holiday at Busch Garden in Virginia. It was a lot of fun and my kids had a blast.





3 days later we arrived down South.  After much needed r & r we are preparing and eager for the surveys and sea trial, which begins tomorrow. Really hoping that all goes well so that I can begin to solidify the delivery plans.



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