“Seriously, Mom?!”

“Seriously, Mom?!” This was the response from my 11 year old daughter, as she gazed my way, with almond eyes squinted,  in a low pitched, suspecting tone.  I told my kids that we were “thinking” of selling the house and moving on a boat.  They were,  hmmm…. How should I put it? Shocked, surprised.  One of my twins, wide eyed, said “Really?”, in a jolly, but nervous way.  But his potential enthusiasm was immediately dampened.  “She’s just being sarcastic.  You’ve lived with Mom for 12 years now. Can’t you tell when she’s being sarcastic… YET!?” my daughter sneered in disbelief.


Now, I have to admit, I can be a bit of a sarcast, in a fun and joking way, not taking life too serious.   Couple that with our there’s never a dull moment around here household, and I can see how they were confused and unsure of what to make of my blunt statement.  I’m also not that great with segueing into something.  I am generally a get right to the point, avoid the sugar-coating, and say what I mean, and mean what I say, type.  So, they didn’t get much of a buffer.


It took about 3 minutes to convince them that this was not a joke and that I was serious and wanted their thoughts and feedback.  My daughter continually repeating, “She’s just being sarcastic”, while in complete disbelief.  When they finally realized that this was not, yet another one of Mom’s playful pranks, the questions began to roll and at an alarming rate.  They asked so many all at once that my Mom,  had to jump in and help.  I was being cut off in mid sentence to respond to a different question taking precedence over the first question.  I couldn’t hear myself talk, or think, because everyone was speaking louder than the next person to get a quicker response to his question. It was disorganized, conversational chaos.  I had to pause every few moments just to catch a breath.


When are we selling the house? Where will we go to school? Can we still go to our school? How big will the boat be? What if we sink? Will I have to sleep on the floor? What if it rains? Will we eat fish everyday? What about the cats? Can I bring my bed?…….and so on and so forth…..


During this intense and rapidly flowing conversation, where one answer would quickly prompt another thought, and yet another question, like background music, my oldest son’s deep, yet squeaky puberty voice dominated.  He didn’t ask one single question, yet his simple statements were ALL  heard.  Timed for every 3 seconds, just like clockwork, “Mom, your crazy!…..  I am NOT moving on a boat…..  Mom, your crazy!…..  I am NOT moving on a boat….. Mom, your crazy!….. I am NOT moving on a boat…..”


This conversation was the first attempt at discussing the plan with my kids. It transpired about 8 months ago and at that time, didn’t end well.  I had 1 out of 4 (little guy doesn’t count) onboard.  The rest thought I was nuts and wanted nothing to do with it.  I gave them some food for thought:  s/v Totem, s/v Island Bound,  s/v Endeavor , s/v Third Day and s/v Wondertime.  Told them to check these guys out, think about it a little and that we would revisit the proposition again in a couple of months.

What happened the 2nd time I mentioned the plan?  Read about that here.

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