Stuck in Virginia

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This is what my last two ship log entries have looked like:


  • 7am Departed Hampton Public Piers
  •  8am Returned to Hampton Public Piers – Too rough (swells 3-4′)


  • 7am Departed Hampton Public Piers
  • 8am Returned to Hampton Public Piers – Too rough (swells 3-4′)


You know it’s rough when the fridge, which is secured at the top with wood brackets, slides out from the wall.  Lots of slamming and stuff flying all over the place.  I was soaked taking photos from the bridge; had to hold the camera with one hand and and brace myself with the other.  Who needs an amusement park?  Ride em cowboy!

Yesterday, when we made our first attempt at heading out, Christian’s chair tipped back and he fell into the entertainment center.  He wasn’t hurt, but a bit surprised.  I had to have everyone sit on the coach while I scurried around securing loose items and continuously pushing the fridge back in place.  I’m sure that we could have kept on, crew would have gotten through the intense movement, jerking up and down and back and forth, but I really didn’t want to, as Capt. Al says, “beat up the boat”.  Doable, but not worth the risk.



We departed St. Augustine on the 17th.  So far, it has been a great run.  Seas have been relatively calm, all in all, a nice ride.  We mostly ran outside (offshore) and came into the ICW when we hit Cape Fear.  We run from 7am until as long as we can go, depending on the location of the next marina.  The goal is 100 nautical miles a day, but has been as few as 70 and as much as 120.  We try to avoid running after dark as much as possible.  My favorite time of day is early in the am.  The waters are quiet and calm and watching the sun come up is pretty.  It’s also nice and cool in the morning, and I love being on the bridge, so I usually sit up there running the boat until 9 or 10 when the sun starts heating me up, then it’s time to come back down.

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Passing through Norfolk was the most interesting.  Seeing the military ships was a lot of fun.

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So for now, I’m stuck in Virginia, and quickly running out of time.  Feeling stressed that my kids are starting school the first week in September.  Might have to figure something out to get them home.  They say that Cristobal won’t directly impact the Eastern coast, but may effect the wave action, swells and current.  The wind out there this morning is at 20 knots.  Not looking like good travel days ahead for a small pleasure craft, like me.



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Stuck in Virginia — 10 Comments

  1. I’m wondering why all the rush getting back to Boston before the first day of school. Are they in private schools and going to lose their spot or something? If they are in public school, I’m of the opinion that missing a couple weeks of school at the very beginning of the year isn’t a big deal.

    IMO, just enjoy your passage on whatever schedule is convenient and fun. As long as they aren’t already a month into the semester when you arrive, catching up will likely only take a couple days of diligent study.

    Great to see you getting thing s going though! Have fun.

    • My oldest son, who is back home now with a friend is starting high school and my youngest, who is here with me is starting kindergarten. Your right, the others can miss a few days no big deal, but I was hoping to get get my 5 year old there for his first day. But, what can ya do? Nothing, but hope ya get lucky. Guess I’ll have to see how the waters behave tomorrow.

  2. Sorry we missed you in St. Augustine. Glad you were able to see the sights. The two mast wooden sailboat at the City Marina is called Barcelona. It is having work done before heading to the Bahamas for charter work. It was bought in Turkey and sailed to the USA by a Marina Manager’s husband(Hidden Harbor Marina). Bo at First Mate Yacht, is a great mechanic. He has a very good reputation around town. Have you given any thought to cruising up the Chesapeake and going down the Delaware? We have a North Easterner blowing here today in St. Augustine.

    • Barcelona is a beautiful boat. It was fun to see her pull into the marina. Bo was awesome and very patient with me. I was glad that I had hired him. It was good to learn the correct way the first time. We really enjoyed St. Augustine. The castle reminded me of Castle Island back home in Boston. The lighthouse was fun too. Wish I could have had time for a beach trip. Definitely could have stayed a few more days.

  3. Be patient. Put the kids on a plane if you have to. You’re doing it right no matter how frustrating it feels. My experience has been that you can beat your crew up once in a while, claim it was an accident and get away with it. But if you do it too often they start to get cranky. I’m married to my crew. Teenagers are likely less forgiving.

    • Bob, that’s what I might end up doing, flying everyone back or my good friend has volunteered to drive down and get them. Even if I can weasel my way up to Jersey, I will have to jump outside there, so who knows when I will get back. As much as I would like to, just can’t control the weather.

    • I was going back and forth with online schooling, but I’m going to wait on it for now. I have to sort out a few things before I can take that on. But, at some point some of them will end up online. My youngest for sure. Playing it by ear at the moment. I’m going to focus this winter on cosmetic improvements, heat installation and repairs.

  4. GG I found this blog via cruisersforum and just started reading it today. Love following along with you. Wish I had found you before you got the boat, would have loved to have met your family and taken the kids fishing. We’re on Mobile Bay and fish Dog River often. We are working on our get away plan- but it will be via sail boat. Good luck and stay strong- your giving your kids an amazing gift.