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I have good news, bad news, and more good news regarding the survey.  First off, we used Ed Rowe, who came highly recommended by many.  I thought that he did a very good job. He was thorough and patient when explaining and answering all of my dumb newbie questions.  My survey with Ed was monumentally different than the survey that was commissioned for a previously failed sale.  Ed found a whole bunch of crap that the last surveyor missed.






The good news is that the boat that I am purchasing is a “good boat”.  Ed said on more than one occasion that he was very surprised and impressed by the condition of the boat, given its age.  He was impressed that there was no leakage or staining near the windows.  He was impressed that the boat was dry in areas that he claimed were typically moist in Hatteras’ of this age, such as near the overhangs where the rails are bolted to the deck.  I was pleased by his positive attitude and feedback.  But, I was not terribly surprised.  I have looked at several of these boats, and this was part of the reason that I chose this particular boat.  It is unmolested, in terms of previous owner, “cosmetic improvements” and there is barely any water staining anywhere, not even on the exterior door panels.  In fact, this boat had the least amount of water damage of any of the boats that I have looked at thus far.  This boat also has nice features such as a functional bow thruster, 2 generators, a watermaker and a very clean bridge with a radar arch, which was important to me.

The bad news is that the boat had been severely neglected.  Luckily, the boat was fresh water and had been kept in a boathouse most of its life, so the deferred maintenance is mostly all correctable.  I knew going in from the prior survey that there were some items that needed attention, but Ed revealed many more that I was not aware of.  It was more than I expected.

The good news is that the seller agreed to have the boatyard where the boat is docked correct almost all of the deficiencies.  I am happy with that.  I have already accepted the boat and I am waiting for the repairs to be complete so that I can take possession or “delivery” in boat terms of my new-to-me yacht.  The closing should take place by the beginning of June.  For those of you who have not figured out yet, from all of my clues (should be easy) what boat I am purchasing, I will reveal it after the closing.


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  1. On the other hand, if the boat had been in much better condition, it had been reflected in the asking price 🙂

    Real close now!

  2. Did the survey say something about the wet exhaust mixers? (100_5919.jpg)

  3. Looks like a reasonable choice. The broker was a bit stingy with pics and data in the Yachtworld listing, but it sounds like your surveyor has you on the right track.

    We lived in South Florida for a while, and learned you can manage your life around hurricanes. And you have lots of warning, so evacuation isn’t completely out of the question. In those cases, you can let the boat survive by itself. Especially since it’s not megabucks (in the grand scheme of things) and insurance is available.