Tow Vehicle Purchase Complete!

I finally bought the truck. It’s a Ford F350 Dually Platinum.  I found it in Wisconsin.  The only reason that I went to Wisconsin for it, was because I wanted certain options and this truck was the only 2017 model that had all of them.    When Christian first laid eyes on the truck, he was a little surprised at how big it is.

Christian, Gaege and I flew to Milwaukee and drove the truck back to SoCal.  It was a really fun trip and just a small teaser of what’s to come.

Now I have to focus fully on the RV purchase.  My biggest barrier at the moment has been my indecisiveness.  I’m usually not like this.  I usually know exactly what I want, but for some reason, I can’t seem to stick to a decision on the model long enough to buy one.  Definitely need to get it together quickly because we launch in less than 5 months…YIKES!

It feels amazing to have a pick-up truck again.

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