Under Contract!!! – What Now?

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After a very long and difficult negotiation process, I can finally say that my house is “Under Contract”.  I’m not celebrating yet, because two things that I have learned in 15 years of real estate; it’s never a done deal, until the check has cleared your bank account.  And….don’t marry the outcome.

I’m VERY superstitious, so I have to knock on wood as I type this, but I actually think it’s going to close, so I have a lot of work to do between now and closing, which is just over a month from now to get ready to purchase the boat and get it back to Boston.  Things like flying to Florida, to check out and make an offer on the boat that I want, have been put off until now.

My Mom printing yachtworld listings.

My Mom (Meme) printing Yachtworld listings.

List of To-Do’s:

  1. Travel Plans – Finalize travel plans to Florida.
  2. Boats – Make a final decision on which boats to view while in Florida.  (I know the boat that I want, but will look at a few others, just to be sure).
  3. Surveyor – Find a good surveyor in Florida.
  4. Mechanic – Locate a Cat mechanic to check the engine.
  5. Heat – Decide who is going to install the heating system when I get the boat back to Boston.  We will liveaboard in Boston Harbor this winter, and trust me, it gets very cold.  A good efficient heating system is a top priority.
  6. Captain – Find a good captain.



This is just the preliminary list, and I made need to add to it.  There will be more lists once I get the boat to Boston.


Am I forgetting anything?  Leave a comment and your 2 cents!!!


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