Warning: Ninja Cat Aboard

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Here is one of the great unknowns.  What to do with Sassy, and “Harley the Ninja Cat”.

We have had both cats for quite some time now.  Harley was first purchased because I found a mouse in the house one day, and that was that.  Now, Sassy on the other hand, is a Siamese cat.  I had always wanted a Siamese cat as a child.  She isn’t good for much of anything except accenting the decor.  But, we love her just the same.


The problem is the two cats do not play nice together.  It’s mostly Harley being way too rough with Sassy, but what can you expect from a Ninja cat?  Harley actually started the first 2 years of his life as an indoor cat in our home.  Keeping him inside was an impossible task.  He was born to be wild.  The live free or die cat.  He would sit by the door just waiting for an unsuspecting kid to open and then pounce with a vengeance,  knocking the startled kid with feet sprawling through the air and straight to the floor.  We spent countless hours up and down the street and under cars, hollering the cats name, like a bunch of lunatics. The neighbors must have thought we had all gone mad.  Then finally, after one long day of cleaning up broken dishes and paperwork scattered all over the floor from Harley racing around like a madcat, fed up with being trapped, I said, “The hell with it, let him out.”  That was the best decision for him I had ever made.  From that point, it was all Ninja.

(internet image)

(internet image)


Harley is our exterminator, silent but deadly, an invisible assassin.





You will have a tough time finding a mouse, chipmunk, squirrel or any other small rodent around the perimeter of our house… alive anyway.  Dead animals in the walkway is a daily event.  He is also amazing an amazing bird sniper.



These are real photos taken from our yard.   bird

Gross, I know.  We have to deal with this

kind of carnage constantly.  But, this is the

life when your cat is a ninja.

There was a chipmunk out there today.

The kids report that it was decapitated.


Despite the fact that we live in the city, last year we had this nasty coyote problem.  The pack was frequenting our backyard nightly.   There were regular coyote sightings of the deadly scavengers trotting down main streets throughout our area and even a coyote captured on video right downtown.  Neighbors were reporting cats being dragged away and all of the usual strays had disappeared.  A small child was even attacked while in his stroller, with the caregiver.  We thought for sure Harley would be a goner.  Had he finally met his match?   At night, you could hear his screeches and snarls as he rustled and battled the carnivorous beasts.  It was a nerve wracking time for our family.  Waking up every morning and calling his name to see if he was still here.

Then one day, he came galloping down the path near our driveway with a coyote head in his mouth.  Just kidding….Ha, Ha, Ha.  Made that part up 🙂  But, seriously, some days I really thought it would end that way.  But, nonetheless, even those coyotes were no match for our Ninja Cat.

But, back to the problem at hand.   How could one take a born to be wild, ninja cat and confine him to the encapsulating constraints of life aboard.  Trapping him within the interior of the boat would be a but a mere impossibility.  Then, there is the risk that he could wander onto someone else’s boat, and unknowingly  be sailed away.  There is also the risk of him wandering astray at a port.

Our family would be heartbroken to have to find a home for our beloved Ninja Cat.  There must be some good solution to this problem.  I will really have to put my thinking cap on for this one.




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