Water or Wheels?

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I can’t believe that I haven’t written a post since November!!!  We are doing GREAT here in San Diego.  My kids love the lifestyle.  They frequently go to the beach for gym.  They swim in the high school pool every day.  They have bomb-fires on the beach and all that fun California stuff that teens do; stuff that you would never in a million years get to do back home in Boston.  The sunsets are amazing.  The weather is a dream.  The waves are INSANE!  Not a single day passed this winter when I didn’t open my front door in amazement and complete appreciation that it was 72 degrees.  Every day!!!  What a beautiful freakin’ thing; consistently amazing weather.

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We have been having fun selling all kinds of stuff online on Ebay and Amazon.  We are just a few minutes away from direct supply of handcrafted goods from Mexico: blankets, serapes, hoodies, and we have recently discovered the wonderful world of wholesale LA and ventured into shoes.  Who would of thought this real estate junkie would be suddenly entrenched in the world of fashion.

But…all good things will one day change.  My oldest son will be applying to college next year.  Soon they will be off.  Or at least some of them will be off and I have been thinking a lot lately about whether to jump into another boat or maybe try an RV.  I know that I swore I would never step foot in an RV again, but, I must admit that I have been intrigued by the fifth wheel lately.  The newer models are just like apartments.  An RV, would allow for interior exploration of the country.  Problem is, I really am a saltwater fool.  I’m just not sure how long I could be without the ocean.  I miss my Hatteras and the kids miss her too.  But, on the other hand, an RV would be much less maintenance and upkeep.  I’ll need to give this more thought.  But I know one thing for sure.  We’ll be taking off again soon enough….

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What do you think?  Boat or RV?  Love your feedback!!!  Leave a comment and your 2 cents.


Water or Wheels? — 2 Comments

  1. The last couple of comments I’ve taken the time to write were never posted or replied to, but I’ll try one more time. First off, San Diego just happens to be my all time favorite US city, I can’t improve any on your choice. The small coastal towns just north of San Diego is probably where I would retire to if I could afford that area. As you know the Med style weather is unbeatable, you will never have a winter like your last winter in Boston. The Southwest (Arizona, Utah, SoCal, and New Mexico) offers RV destinations that are just plain awesome. Since I was caring for my dad during what would have been my most productive years, I have limited retirement savings and chose southern New Mexico. I moved into my new home April 15 and so far enjoy this region. The cost of one year renting in the above mentioned coastal communities is equal to the purchase cost of my home, hangar, and 2 1/2 acres in the New Mexico air park I chose back in Feb. I’m happy for you that SD living is within your budget, for me the desert is just fine. My hangar is 60′ X 40′, large enough for 2 airplanes and 5 cars. Some of my new neighbors aren’t pilots but wanted hangars for RVs, boats, cars and other toys. Palomas, Mexico is just 6 miles south of the air park for cheap prescription drugs, optometrist, and dental services and I pay less in property taxes for a year than what I used to pay for one month in California. So your question is RV or boat? I’ve lived in SoCal and was part of the sailing community and from that perspective Catalina Island gets old after awhile. An RV based in your new area opens up a lot of exploring, Yosemite, Tahoe while enroute to the PNW and of course all the Southwest in its glory. I’ve had travel trailers, motorhomes and 5th wheels and my choice is the 5th wheel. The new style toy hauler type 5th wheel gives a lot of family flexibility due to bunk style sleeping for 8 in the “garage” and 2 more in the master suite. There are many ATV type destinations close to San Diego, I’m sure your kids would love the freedom of exploring on an ATV. See, this time I’m not pushing for sailing, you do what fits your interests, location, and lifestyle. Good luck.

    Bob aka “deckofficer”

    • Hey Bob!
      I apologize for your prior comments. I am inundated with spam messages. I have been trying to sort through them (I think I have about 700 messages to get through). The comments will pop up at some point once I am able to filter out the junk 🙂
      Yes! San Diego is awesome and we enjoy frolicking Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar and all these cute coastal towns. I agree that the rent here is a bit of a bummer, but I figure it’s only until my older kids wrap up High School, which they are all in now. Might as well enjoy the time while I wait to get going.
      New Mexico sounds like a good choice. Glad to hear you got some bang for your buck.
      I’m back and forth with the RV boat thing, but I must say that I like the idea that I could go East to West coast in under a week if I had to with an RV. That is something I could never do on a boat.