Ways to Make Money While Cruising…Truth B Told

Cruisers:  Cruisers are those who travel while living aboard.  Some cruisers are underway daily, and some will anchor or dock at a location for extended intervals, a week, month or longer.  Cruisers are frequent travelers, always on the go.  Cruisers are always liveaboards, but liveaboards arn’t always cruisers.

Cruisers are a ‘tough’ bunch.  Traveling from place to place, the gypsy way.  There is always the concern of how one will survive while enjoying a life where your view changes every day, week, month.  This nomadic existence is reserved for the select few who are able to thrive without being completely strapped to a physical land commitment (a daily job).


Where DOES a cruisers money come from?


Passive Income, also know as residual income, is money that you receive without having to do very much.  There are many retired cruisers out there, and for a good reason.  Many live off passive income.  Some examples are social security income, pension, annuity, and 401k.  Passive income requires no maintenance.  Meaning little to no effort to continue the flow.  The check just comes in the mail every month, without having to do anything to generate it.  This type of passive income generally takes years of working and tax paying.  You cannot create this income over night.  Some will never be entitled.  Those who do will usually have to wait until retirement age of at least 62 to receive it.


What about the rest of us who want to go cruising now?  I have done some research on this topic.  These are some of the most frequently discussed and unrealistic ways of generating passive income for cruisers.


  • Write a book and get royalties – Easier said than done.  Your book better be a great seller.  It takes time to write a great book and many are just not that skilled.
  • Invest in stocks that pay dividends– Seriously? The first problem with this one is that you have to have money, to make money. The second problem is that it’s extremely risky.  If you don’t know what your doing, you could really loose big here and fast.
  • Bank and CD interest from savings – What interest? Banks interest rates are at an all time low in this economy.  To make a decent return, you have to put your money into foreign entities and that is risky.
  • Become a silent partner in a business – This one isn’t half bad.  However, if your going this route, you had better know the business is solid, and that you can trust your partner(s).  These perfect storms are few and far.


Not-So-Passive income There are plenty of other ways to generate income while cruising.  They require some or all of the following: time, knowledge, skill, maintenance and money.  All are realistic.


  1. Consultant -This requires knowledge.  No one is going to pay for your services if you’re not an expert in your field, but if you are, it’s a great way to generate income as a cruiser because you can consult via phone and web, right from your boat.
  2. Business (brick-and-mortar) – This one is very tricky.  You can make great money owning a business, but, someone has to run it (while your out cruising).  You can hire someone, but they better be good.  Also, this takes time, money and skill to be successful.
  3. Website Business (informational) – This requires skill and time.  But, if you have great content that others are willing to pay for, could be very lucrative.
  4. Internet Sales – This could be a great one, especially if you are able to network with a distribution company to ship product.  Don’t stuff your cockpit with neckties and coffee mugs 🙂
  5. Work- From- Home(boat) – All of the following can be excellent sources of income if you have the skill and time. They are also liveaboard friendly.  But, some do require a reliable internet connection, which can be challenging at times for cruisers.
    • Web Design
    • Software Design
    • Medical Transcription
    • Freelance Writing
    • Editing
    • Translation
    • Virtual Customer Service
    • Virtual Tech Support
    • Accounting Services
  6. Real Estate Investment – My personal choice.  This requires some knowledge and money.  There is also a time and travel commitment, unless you are going to be completely hands-off, by way of a management company.  If so, better be sure that the company that you hire is a good one.


Savings – Some folks, usually retirees, live off savings, sold homes with lots of equity and sold businesses.


Charter -There are cruisers that charter their boats while cruising.  This is an awesome way to get paid, while doing what you love.


Boat Delivery/Captain/Crewing– Another great way to make money while doing what you love.


Land Jobs – Couldn’t end without acknowledging that many cruisers pick up work as they travel from place to place.  They stay a while, feed the kitty, and keep it moving.  Some cruisers also pick up work from the dock from other cruisers; mechanical work, diving jobs, hair cuts and other services.


Our crew will travel on property investment income.  Perfect for cruisers 😉



Coming soon….Real Estate JUNKIE”


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