Why Cruise?


Someone recently asked me if I was running toward something or away from something, which prompted this post.

Not running.  Leaping.  A leap of faith, to BE careFREE.  To BE FREE.  To travel.  To see the world for it’s beauty and grime.

So much out there.  Place to place at the drop of a dime (or an anchor).  Living day to day, changing scenery as the wind changes direction.

Mountains, hills, rain forests, rivers, deserts, countrysides, big cities and quaint villages.

Hustling, bustling, trade, corruption, poverty, mansions, pyramids, huts, shacks and more….

Riding bikes, dodging cabs, mopeds, atv’s… but not rv’s.

Wondering through a dark valley, strolling down a main street; eating pork, on a stick, from a cart, in Brazil.

Penguins, ice, kangaroos, scorching heat, gorgeous beaches, blue waters, cracked terrain and dessert sand.

The wonderful, amazing, poverty- stricken, spectacular, devastating sights to be had and held, treasured and not forgotten.  Smiles and tears, sorrow and laughter; surprising, unfathomable and brilliant existence.

Bright sunrise, shadowing small dirty feet; no shoes.  Baseball down the road, with a stick.  Ice cream dripping.  Museums of lies… and… truths.

Sweet aromas of foods in far away lands.

The wind in your face, hair all over the place; gentle rock of the wave, and crave that salty sea smell. The rhythmic crash on the shore when at moor, it’s just you and that beautiful big blue.

Here and there, a day, or 60, a year or two.  It’s up to you.

And…that’s… why I want to cruise.



Why Cruise? — 2 Comments

  1. Your writing created, in my mind, and image of Drake Roberts. (youtube.com/DrakeParagon) and his new adventure, which is to visit as many countries on earth as he can, staying just long enough in each one to experience total cultural “immersion” – and then moving on. He realizes (rightly) – that a boat (in his case, a Westsail 42 named Paragon) is the only very likely way for mere mortals to accomplish the task ….

    • Ronald, that is exactly my train of thought. Visit as many places as possible, and keep it moving to the next. Except in our case more likely a 65’…